xomcdlovexo asked: Dimon is just akalskdjlajshaklsjahlaljsjaksjhkajghcfvvuh I always have to like scold myself when my feels get out of control xD I'm so weird, but seriously, shipping them so hard

I feel ya, we are a weird fandom with weird ships! s’all good. they’re adorable dfklsfklfklsd

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nancych asked: I knew i wasnt crazy! They obviously have something for each other, You can tell by just reading their body language, omg im so in love with them right now <3 haha

Same! It’s so weird.

plot twist: demi is using niall to get close to simon

omg imagine

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Stay || Niley fanfic

There he was, it was as if everything she had ever wanted, everything she told herself to stay away from, everything—just everything to her—had just entered the room, and suddenly nothing else mattered. Not the paparazzi, anyone around, not tomorrow or the next day, all that mattered was this moment, this small second where she caught gaze with her Prince Charming, someone which she had been longing to see.

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Anonymous asked: post/31016044737/stay-niley-fanfic please continue it. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (:

Okaaaaaay, I’ll do another chapter!

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Anonymous asked: i fucking love dimon! lol

dimon 5eva!

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looneybyron asked: totally with you on the demi/simon situation!

yesss! <3

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nickjaydaily asked: Is you Niley fanfic going to be continued???

Not sureeee

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hemmsings1996 asked: You understand my Demi/Simon feelings... I love you... That is all C:

i love you dfslgd

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